TekMatic’s VTrainer

Experience the knowledge, techniques, and dedication necessary to reach the Big Leagues! TekMatic’s VTrainer maximizes each player’s efficiency and productivity through innovative Virtual Training. With endorsement and content provided by Baseball Legends you’ll have all you need to Elevate to Greatness!

TekMatic’s VTrainer Includes:

  • Training Education: Raise your Baseball IQ with Courses, Lessons & Quizzes!
  • Virtual Batting Lessons: Send Practice Videos, Receive & Re-Watch your Professionally Critiqued Technique!
  • Clear Communication: Ask Questions, Expand on Technique! Message a TekMatic Trainer at Anytime!
  • Hitting, Fitness & Diet Plans: Routines & Plans Provided Weekly!
  • VTrainer Community: Receive support from other players through Messaging & Forums!
  • Video Library: Video Solutions that Correct Common Problems!
  • Awards, Gifts & Discounts: Receive Rewards for your Progress!

TekMatic’s VTrainer is designed to keep the player educated, organized, motivated and interacting effectively with a TekMatic Trainer! The VTrainer is available on all platforms; computers, tablets and phones! For less than the price of one pro lesson, you can have access to this life changing system! Great for players, coaches and leagues!