In-Store Training + TekFit + Virtual Trainer Partnership Membership

TekMatic Pro Hitting Membership

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The TekMatic Pro Membership is designed for players for all ages to receive every resource they need to succeed. Professional training, mechanical instruction, healthy diet/fitness plans and additional educational content will allow every member to dominate the competition! This membership is designed for two players.

Personal Pro Hitting Session – 4 Sessions per Month (2: 8 Total)

  • Warm-Up & Stretch
  • Pro Hitting Program
  • Batting Practice
  • Post Session Analysis & Workout Plan`16

Discounted Rate per session

Virtual Trainer: Online Training Resource – No Charge per Month (1)

  • Training Education: Raise your Baseball IQ with Courses, Lessons & Quizzes!
  • Fitness & Nutrition Education: Understand your body and the knowledge to elevate your physique!
  • Virtual Batting Lessons: Send Practice Videos & Re-Watch your Professionally Critiqued Technique!
  • Clear Communication: Ask Questions, Message a TekMatic Trainer at Anytime!
  • Hitting, Fitness & Diet Plans: Routines & Plans Provided Weekly!
  • TekMatic Community: Interact with Players through Messaging, Forums & Social Media!
  • Video Library: Video Solutions that Correct Common Problems!

Discounted rate per month

TekFit Membership (2)




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