Step 6: Squared Up Connection

Squaring Up on Connection

The point of connection with the baseball is the make or break moment. The player must maintain firm wrists and power through the ball. “Squaring Up” to the ball, positioning contact with one’s top hand as a fist and with the palm up, will result in a powerful connection.

  1. Maintain connection through the “Back Elbow to Back Hip”
  2. Progressive rotation of the hips
  3. Maintain “Straight Front Arm” keeping the barrel in the zone
  4. “Square Up”-Form punch with the top hand: Fist formation, with the palm up
  5. Maintain Firm Wrists while “Squaring Up”

The correct positioning of the fist and body, will bring the knob to the baseball, resulting in a flat barrel connection. The player will drive their hips and punch hand all the way through the baseball; avoiding upper cutting or slicing the baseball. It is recommended the player “thinks middle of the field” while keeping their head down on contact, with a closed front side on the follow through.  The “Squaring Up” method creates maximum surface area upon contact.