Step 5: Straight Front Arm

Straight Front Arm During Rotation

The most successful hitters maintain their barrel in the strike zone for the longest duration possible. The TekMatic “Back Elbow to Back Hip” approach creates a compact and powerful stroke. Although a short swing is ideal, the player must maintain their bat in the contact area for as long as possible.  A sweeping motion that covers the entire plate leading to contact, gives the hitter a greater chance of making a solid connection with the ball.  The player can keep their barrel in the most productive location by maintaining a “Straight Front Arm During Rotation.”

  1. Connect”Back Elbow to Back Hip”
  2. Progressively Rotate Hips
  3. Maintain a “Straight Front Arm During Rotation.”

The front arm may not be perfectly straight leading to contact, but the closer the front arm resembles a line, the more the barrel will be in the strike zone.

Keep the Barrel in the Zone