Step 4: Back Elbow – Back Hip

Back Elbow to Back Hip Connection

In order to maximize potential and power, a hitter must use their entire body. The TekMatic approach focuses on utilizing the most out of the lower and upper body. The method to accomplish a complete swing with a powerful punch is the unison and connection of these two vital parts of the body. The simple way to use one’s entire body and power at the right time is to connect one’s “Back elbow to Back Hip.”

  1. Secure the momentum of the load in the “Locked & Ready” position.
  2. Place one’s “Back elbow to Back Hip.”
  3. Push off back foot and progressively rotate one’s hips
  4. Maintain connection of”Back elbow to Back Hip.”

By connecting the two halves of the body at this point, the player’s hands are more inside the ball, allowing the knob to be aimed at the ball. By executing this step properly one can effectively connect their upper to lower half, maximizing their potential and power.