Step 3: Locked & Ready

Locked & Ready

The point after the load, where the hitter is in complete control and tracking the baseball is the “Locked & Ready” position.  To be consistently successful a hitter must have a secure ready position. The player must be able to reach the point of the swing where their weight distribution is correct and they are in a power stance to drive through the ball.

  1. After the load the player will secure their front foot position in the place of origin or closer to their back leg
  2. The player will adjust their weight slightly to the backside, locking into a ready position.
  3. The player MUST make sure to be “Locked and Ready” with the front foot down, giving themselves an appropriate amount of time to connect effectively
  4. The“Locked and Ready” position is usually immediately before the release of the baseball.
  5. The front foot will remain closed and aligned with the back foot in the “Locked and Ready” position.

Weight distribution will be slightly shifted towards the back, while the player maintains a balanced and powerful posture.