Step 2: Knee to Knee Load

Knee to Knee Load: Creating Momentum with the Lower Body

To generate the sufficient power to drive the ball, momentum must be created. The most effective way to generate momentum is an efficient shift of the lower body backward (load). The player must minimize error by maintaining their upper body straight back on the load. The TekMatic Knee to Knee load focuses on an efficient and productive method to generate momentum.

  1. The player will load “knee to knee” allowing one’s chest and hip section to shift straight back.
  2. The player is to not move their front foot toward the pitcher at any point during the load.
  3. The player’s hands should load as a result of the “knee to knee” movement of the hip.
  4. The player will not wrap their hands behind their back shoulder.
  5. Through the entire load the player should maintain a constant line of sight
  6. The back leg remains firm and the back foot is correctly aligned upon loading.
  7. After the load the player will secure their front foot position in the place of origin or closer to their back leg

By controlling the position of their front foot, the batter can efficiently distribute their weight back. The hitter should be in a balanced and ready position after the load with about 60% of their weight on their back foot.