Step 1: Firm Stance

Firm Stance: The Foundation

A firm stance is the hitter’s foundation for success. The proper feet and body placement will result in an effective balance, giving the player the ideal weight distribution. The firm stance equates to a runner pushing off to start a race, or a boxer creating momentum for a knockout punch; a strong stance is necessary to create maximum power.

  1. The player will set up with their feet slightly farther than shoulder length apart.
  2. The player’s hands will be positioned in front of their back shoulder.
  3. The feet must remain firm, even and aligned.

In particular, the back foot should be perfectly straight, which will be the driving force behind the power of the hips & lower half of the body. The back foot can be viewed as a wall; straight, strong and firm. The back foot should never buckle or shift back on the load (backward motion). The stance should remain firm and provide the foundation for a powerful stroke.