PT sales mindset and the “Approach”

There are two types of Personal Trainers the ones that think that being a Trainer doesn’t involve selling and the ones who go fill their schedules up with Sales. The first will walt for his/her Fitness Director to do all the selling and expects all the clients to be handed to him and the latter who goes and gets them for himself. Being a Personal Trainer can be a very rewarding career, not only can you express your passion for  fitness with others and enrich the lives of many with health and beauty but you get compensated for doing it. However, you can be the most knowledgeable Trainer  in the world and have all the certifications you want but if you can not convince someone to give you a shot to show them what you can do you will find it very hard to carry out your passion. Having strength in sales and understanding how the business works is fundamental for your success in the company. If you aspire to one day be a Fitness Director or higher you need to have sales skills and the ability to consistently grow your clientele. Doing this takes a different mindset and requires you to look and think of yourself as your own business entity. Ask yourself these questions: How many clients do I want? How many clients do I need to train a day to make the amount of money I need for my financial stability? Are my clients seeing results? Will they recommend me to their friends and family ? Am I being courteous and do I have a positive attitude at the gym? Am I a strong asset for my company? These questions will help you to come to the mindset needed to be the top trainer I’m your gym.


The “Approach”

Everyday as Trainers we are being evaluated. We are being evaluated by our clients who pay monthly for our services, we are being evaluated by our Fitness Director who is paying close attention to your client retention (rate at which your clients renew their training program) your customer satisfaction, your overall sales and your training effectiveness. And last but not least we are being evaluated by the future prospects and regular gym members who do not have a PT. and who need you  to convince them to come train with you. The “Approach” is the initial contact that these future prospects get from you and your ability to keep them interested and informed after that while being courteous and maintaining a positive attitude. It’s incredible what difference it makes just saying hello and good morning to everyone can have on your schedule. Many gym goers are terrified at failing or being embarrassed so that’s why they are scared to even try training with you. They see you working out your clients hard and they see the results on them, but they think they can’t do it and it’s too hard for them. In addition to thinking that maybe it’s too much for them to purchase. When in reality we as professionals can give results to anybody and have different packages for all types of budgets. Therefore you must gain their trust and show them that your not there to make them throw up or feel bad but to help them get to their desired health and fitness levels while at the same time making them feel better and more confident about themselves. The approach starts at the door and never ends while your at the gym. These are some points to follow:

  1. Greet and meet everyone you will see that the more comfortable people feel with you the more likely they will train with you
  2. Dont be shy to ask a lead to schedule a fitness assessment whether with you or with your Fitness Director. The lines “hey ______my client couldn’t make it to her session today and I’m free for the next 45 min would you like for me to give you a workout and show you how your body composition is?” Work great and if they say no at the moment schedule them on the system for the next day or whenever they are available but remember the sooner the better.
  3. Have daily quotas, this you can work on with your Fitness Director.
  4. dont get dissapointed if you get a “no” Theres always hits and misses.
  5. remember the more you sell the more you train the more you make.