Hitting Drill: TekBat

TekBat Description

The TekBat is a comprehensive training tool that is designed to condition the proper mechanics in every swing. The TekBat drills are the first to focus on multiple key components of the swing at one time.

  • The TekBat’s knob is larger and heavier than a typical bat, forcing the user to stay fluent through the stroke. The knob prevents the player from rolling their wrists, allowing the player to completely rotate their hips. The TekBat’s knob also improves the player’s ability to square up to the ball, maximizing their entire potential. The increased weight and size of the knob also builds strength, as well as endurance.
  • The TekBat’s handle is larger than a typical bat. The large circumference of the handle induces a positive transitional effect when returning to a regular baseball bat. The strain required to maintain a firm grip with the TekBat, improves the player’s wrist strength and firmness. When returning to game play, the user will experience an increased freedom of motion and control of the bat.
  • The TekBat’s flat barrel is the key feature, which inclines the player to square up with the baseball. Squaring up to the ball creates maximum surface area upon contact. The flat barrel not only conditions this professional technique, but also displays a desirable flight of the ball upon a correct repetition.

Mechanical Focus

  • Squaring Up / Flat Punch
  • Closed front side with Head Down
  • Maintaining Proper Weight Behind the Ball
  • Locked & Ready
  • Maintaining a Straight Front Arm on Contact
  • Connecting Back Elbow & Back Hip / Connecting Upper & Lower Body
  • Endurance